Hi there.
I'm a Mug.

I'm tougher than your dishwasher

Life as a mug is tough: From being blasted with high concentrations of radiation, to a daily wash in hot, soapy water mugs have to endure a lot! That's why we only print on quality ceramic mugs using premium ink; Because the last thing you need is a shabby looking cup, even after your millionth coffee spilloopsie!

Premium, heat resistant ink means the only thing melting is the marshmallow in your hot chocolate.

Bring on the wattage! For our durable ceramic mugs, microwaves are nothing but a fun ride on the merry-go-round.

Our mugs love a good bubble bath. Luckily, they are perfectly safe to enjoy the water park that is your dishwasher.

I'm unique...

Most coffee mugs are just booooring! But not I’m a Mug!

Choose a job title, interest or lifestyle that suits your personality, pick your colours, and you'll be known as the person with the coolest mug in the office.

And lastly...
I’m yours, and yours only

In line with our environmentally friendly approach we don’t stock a random collection of pre-printed mugs and hope that someone's going to like them. Instead you get to choose your favourite mug title before we even lift a finger: Every mug you order gets custom-printed and shipped out (in record time) after you've placed your order.

That's true uniqueness.